A Customer isn’t just for Christmas

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As scary as it sounds, Christmas is only 10 weeks away. The majority of retailers are gearing up for the frenzy of spending, but are they leaving something vital out of their preparations?


Most will be acquiring additional stock, preparing marketing materials and perhaps hiring some extra help to deal with the higher demand.


For most, this festive time of year is an opportunity to boost revenue as customer spend reaches its peak.


The opportunity that is often missed is ensuring these customers aren’t just for Christmas, to turn them into a regular customer whose spending throughout the year will far exceed that of one trip.


With internet sales having overtaken high street spending, THIS is the ideal opportunity to make it happen. The annual Christmas shop is one of the few times people like to have a wonder around different shops and see what else is on offer.


What can you do to make the most of this increased footfall? How can you maximise the chances of them visiting you in the New Year? One excellent way is to introduce a loyalty scheme, even better a mobile loyalty app.


The best time to launch a loyalty app is when spending will be at its peak. More spending means more loyalty stamps handed out, and the closer the customer is to redeeming their reward, the higher their inclination to return to complete it.


The beauty of having this as an app instead of a paper card is you can remind people they’ve got those loyalty stamps collected with a push notification.


Why not get creative and offer double stamps on spending during January/February when people’s pockets are still recovering. Sending a push notification out to everyone collecting stamps takes about 30 seconds and is guaranteed to be seen by your customer.


Interested in an app for Christmas? There’s still time! Contact us today or visit our website for more information on how an app can benefit your business – www.abcapps.co.uk.


Tom Hookham


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